MARWAN offers the following traffic (QoS) classes:

  •    Realtime;
  •    Gold;
  •    Silver;
  •    Bronze.

The definition of the classes depends on the needs of the institution. Ideally, the institution marks its traffic from the source (voice or video conference equipment, business application, etc.) using either the DSCP or the IP Precedence (TOS fields of the IP packet). This solution allows institutions to choose the class independently of MARWAN. In this case, the institution must mark its traffic as follows:

  •    Realtime at IP precedence 5 or corresponding DSCP
  •    Gold with IP precedence 3, 6 or 7 or corresponding DSCP
  •    Silver with IP precedence 2 or 4 or corresponding DSCP
  •    Bronze with IP precedence 0 or 1 or corresponding DSCP

If the institution cannot mark its traffic, MARWAN can do so at the CPE. the institution must provide the IP address(es) of the server(s) that will generate the traffic to be marked, with TCP/UDP ports if the server generates traffic belonging to different classes (optional port).

The scheduling is done on the WAN interface out. Traffic of the Realtime class is served first.

   For more information on the subject please contact the MARWAN team.