MARWAN is the Moroccan National Research and Education Network created in 1998.

MARWAN is built on MPLS/L2 backbone infrastructure.

MARWAN interconnects via IP all of academic and research institutions’ networks in Morocco.

Institutions are connected via leased line VPN/LL layer 2 circuits.

Important characteristics of MARWAN are:

  • More than 250 connected institutions over 140 links covering all Moroccan territory

  • Offered bandwidth ranges from 100Mbps to 5Gbps

  • Total acceess bandwidth : 96 Gbps

  • MARWAN is connected to the Internet via 2 links of 12Gbps each in Rabat and Casablanca

  • MARWAN is connected to European Network GÉANT with 1Gbps link from Rabat to London

  • All links are in Fiber Optic

  • MARWAN is based on SD-WAN

  • IPv6 is deployed natively in Dual Stack

  • IP multicast support

  • Multiple Classes of Service offered to ensure quality of service for critical applications for the Ministry and Universities